Who are we?

You can count on BuildSpots for the realization of your project. We say clearly what we (will) do and do what we say. No nonsense, we build SME units for our clients without worries.

25 years of experience

With a team that has 25 years of experience in industrial construction, BuildSpots buys, develops and sells quality business premises (also known as sites with SME units or SME Parks). We take care of our own projects and those commissioned by third parties from A to Z.

We take care of the builder, the owner, the buyer, the tenant, the entrepreneur, ....

from finding a land, taking care of the permits, demolishing existing buildings, building from foundation to a finished building, environmental/garden construction and road construction; as well as taking care of the utilities & energy supplies, (solar panels, etc), selling and renting the SME units.

Ideal for your goals

We develop in Belgium, France and the Netherlands. The properties are only built when we obtained the necessary permits.

The sites are always correctly accessible for the supply and disposal of goods, equipped with basic facilities and (where possible) sufficient parking.

We realize our projects with maximum respect for the environment, the existing surrounding buildings and homes.

Our values

BuildSpots operates on the following values with our team always living up to them and exuding them:


As an owner, you want to be able to count on a sturdy building that will stand the test of time for years to come.


A word is a word. From the first contact to the moment of delivery, you can count on us.


We see it as a goal to use materials and apply practices that do not unnecessarily burden the planet and do not burden future generations with environmental problems.


Respect is about respect for people and for the achievements that need to be made. We respect our clients, partners, suppliers, local residents, neighbors, the government, .... In short, everyone we come into contact with before, during and after the realization of the buildings. We are also concerned with keeping promises about what we do, when we do it and how we do it.